Travel Planning for New C G Fry Residents

Welcome to the home page for our website that provides journey planning and travel information for residents of C G Fry housing development sites. The aim of the website is to provide basic travel information and point you in the direction of additional resources that can assist. The aim of travel planning in general, and this website specifically, is to make you aware of the non-car travel options that are available to you in your locality, help you make informed travel choices and, by doing so, reduce our collective reliance on the car and behave in a more sustainable way

As more C G Fry sites are rolled out, this website will be added to so please click below on the site of your interest.

Plans are available for Old Kelways and Fern Green, Langport, Somerset and Hillcrest School, Exmouth, Devon.

Old Kelways and Fern Green, Langport, Somerset

Hillcrest School, Exmouth, Devon